Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freedom with Fiction Part II

Happy Thursday, y'all!

So I was thinking (dangerous, I know)

and I realized that there was another freedom to fiction that I forgot to mention in last week's post.

Coming from my non-fiction background, I really felt as though I had nothing to draw from for characters. I used real people I knew or actors who inspired me. The problem being that I nailed those characters to those people. There was no deviation. There was no play. It was that person looking and speaking that way and that was all there was to it.

Thankfully, though, the more fiction I wrote, the less I relied on other people for inspiration. For example, if you read Unbreakable Hostage, it is obvious that I would love to have Jason Statham play Marcus Raymer. Yet, when I wrote Trajectory and Amnesie, I had NO actors in mind for any of those characters. Do you know why?

Because like a muscle, the more you work your imagination, the bigger and better it becomes.

Writing the prequels to Loving Her, I have actresses in mind, but I am still giving the characters the freedom to be themselves. These actresses may resemble the characters, but they are two separate entities.

I enjoy this freedom and I have to say that I actually like seeing my imagination grow. It's a great experience to write characters who are their own unique personas. I may always dream of having my books turn into movies, but if they don't the characters won't wither, they will still be themselves.

There is great freedom in imagination!

I hope that as my imagination continues to grow, you enjoy the stories and the characters that much more.

Happy reading!!! :)

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