Thursday, November 8, 2012

Writing Chores

Happy Thursday morning, gang!

Today, I want to talk about chores.

We all hate them. BUT, they are a necessary part of our lives.

What happens when chores become a necessary part of our careers as well?

What am I talking about? I'm talking about writing what you don't really want to write. Most college students would say, that's their 10 page paper that's due tomorrow. For a writer, though, there are writing chores. There are things we don't necessarily want to do, but we do them in the hopes of advancing our careers.

To some extent, these chores separate the men from the boys. With self-publishing and e-books, anyone can call themselves a writer. As I posted in my last blog, I've been seeing a lot of that lately, even from people who I thought were actual writers. Unfortunately for me and their readers, that is not the case. HOWEVER, when I see a writer pursuing articles and venues of all sorts, my hopes are lifted. A real writer will write. That's what we want to do. Just like there may be some parts of your job that you don't like, we writers will write things we don't necessarily want to write. We write what we can when we can so that when the opportunity to write what we want to write comes, we can savor every minute.

Recently, I was asked to watch a movie and review it for a local LGBT newspaper. I did. I had never reviewed a movie and I had no real interest in movie reviews, but I loved the opportunity for exposure. I hated the movie and I struggled in writing a gentle review. I got through it. It's another writing accomplishment for me. It pushed and challenged me. It has given me the opportunity to expand as a writer as we ll as broaden my reader base. And sitting through one crappy movie to do one review takes me one step closer to my dream of being a full time writer and writing what I want to all the time.

Writing chores like ay chores are no fun. We don't like them as much as we don't like cleaning a nasty toilet. But it has to be done. And the rewards, just like a clean, shiny toilet, are well worth it! :)

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