Thursday, June 28, 2012

What If...?

Earlier this week, I gave away a free copy of my latest short story, Amnesie.

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Anyhoo, my whole week has been very focused on Amnesie and the story behind it. That got me thinking, "what if...?" What if I was in that situation?

As a newly wed, I will tell you that I would do anything and everything to keep my marriage strong and to take care of my wife. But, what if things changed and we ended up like Maryanne and Elfriede?

What if I was Marryanne?

Would I think like she did? I have to say yes. Not that that's a good thing, it's just my human side. If put in her shoes, I could easily relate to her thoughts & emotions.

What if I was Elfie?

Would I have the patience she has? Would I be able to handle the situation with the same strength and grace? I'd love to think so, but there is an uncanny courage to her that I can only aspire to.

What about you? What if you were in that situation? Could you relate to Maryanne's emotions? What about Elfie's resiliency?

Wanna know more? Want to understand their exact situation? Want to see if you can reate to either of them? Then check out, Amnesie!

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