Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cool new changes!!

Hey guys! Sorry I've somewhat abandoned this site. I have some up-dates. First off, I now have a twitter account! You can now follow me at Check it out!

As well, I've made some changes to my myspace page. The NEW url is You can even e-mail me at

Unbreakable Hostage will be released soon! Stay tuned for more details on that!

As well, Imperfect is getting a complete make-over! This new version rocks! You are going to love it when it's released in 2010!

I'm also working on some VERY cool projects for Vanilla Heart Publishing! I'm very excited and honored to be working on these - this is some phenomenal stuff! I'll keep ya posted on that too! ;)

Thanks so much & happy reading, everyone!! :)

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