Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What is Love?

Ok, don't laugh, but I got that techno song "What is Love, baby don't hurt me" stuck in my head! LOL! :) Ahhh, the '90's! :)

Anyway, it got me thinking about Katie & Linda's story.

Really, what is love? Does love have limits and boundaries? Is it really as wonderful as they portray in movies or is love limited - or possibly even cold at times?

What do you think?? Is the love between Linda and Katie real? Would you have endured what Linda endured for someone you love or is that just too much? Is love pretty and sweet and wonderful all the time or is it dirty and gritty? Tell me what you think! :) I am DYING to know your thoughts, feelings & opinions! So, tell me all your thoughts on this subject!! ;)

Keep reading...We'll work on Donna's story the first of May, so start getting ready for that! :) Also, don't forget my "Ask the Author" Day is coming REALLY quickly - it's on TAX DAY!!! April 15th I will be sharing e-mails and messages sent to me and I will answer all the questions or respond to all the comments in my blog, so check it out!! :)

Thanks so much & happy reading!!! :)

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