Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Regarding Sleeve Gate

To all of you who are far too concerned that our first lady has a thing for sleeveless dresses
(Gasp! She might as well be naked!), I have created a top 10 list of things that are far more important than pictures of Michelle Obama without sleeves.

1) My books
2) Spreading love & kidness
3) My books
4) Helping Animals
5) Football (You know it had to be the top half! ;) )
6) My books (since they didn't make it to number 5)
7) Laughing very hard & enjoying life
8) My books
9) Being very creative & open-minded/trying new things
10) Reading my books & participating in my various on-line book discussions! :)

There you have it, folks.
That's what's REALLY important in life!

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